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My goal is to work with the plants to support the body in its many functions, addressing imbalances and maintaining well being. My herbal practice is centered around vitalist theory touching on nutrition, lifestyle choices, movement and health history before moving into plant medicine; this is simply to ensure that in seeking to use plants for medicine one sees the importance of accountability in their own healing experience.

Herbal medicine is not a magic bullet, it takes dedication and patience to work with the plants. As many can attest, healing is non-linear and progress can fluctuate based on many factors. In using herbal medicine to guide us through the trials & tribulations of healing, we develop a new relationship to ourselves, our definition of health and the plant allies. That said, the plants will generously aid us if we take the steps to be fully present in the healing process.

All types of folks can work with herbal medicine; I am confidently trained in researching herbal and pharmaceutical drug interactions/contraindications, potential red flags that would require more advanced care and continually studies anatomy, physiology & pathophysiology to better understand the body.

Creating a partnership in accountability, trust and a love for plants is my mission in practice and I look forward to working together!


In effort to make herbal medicine available to all, all consultations are sliding scale:

A full consultation (best suited for chronic and/or diagnosed conditions, longer term health goals, etc.) typically lasts 1.5-2 hours and consist of a thorough discussion of primary goals, health history and other considerations.

After the full consultation clients are asked to return for follow up sessions to discuss progress and make changes to formulas if needed. Follow ups last 30 minutes more or less.

A short consultation (Acute conditions - cold, flu, short term conditions, one time visits, etc.) lasts 30 minutes, will address an acute concern. Consultations are centered around creating a safe, confidential and empowering space to allow for healing.


A full consultations costs $60-$120 sliding scale + cost of herbs

An short consultation costs $25-50 sliding scale + cost of herbs

A follow up session costs $25-50 sliding scale + cost of herbs

No disclosure of finances is required, the client will decide which price is appropriate to pay based on their circumstances. Please understand that if you are able to pay more, you are balancing the scales to allow the access of health care to lower income folks.

Each month a full consultation is reserved at no cost for both consultation and formulas (follow ups not included). Please email me directly to be added to waiting list.


Medicine is offered in various forms, from food to tea, vinegar or alcohol extract and beyond, emphasizing the client's valuable role in medicine making and taking. Assessing which form is most effective and convenient can make all the difference in a healing journey.

Formulas will be available to pay for and pick up one week following appointment and as stated above, are not included in consultation fees. Prices vary depending on preparation and amount which will be further discussed during the consultation.