The Good Witch Apothecary strives to create mindful, sustainable and useful medicine for the community, focusing on seasonal plants to provide seasonal remedies.

My goal is to work with the rhythms of nature; utilizing native, invasive and common palnts found throughout my area. I am a devotee and advocate for conscious wildcrafting, supporting and encouraging a healthy ecology. Medicine is harvested understanding the complexities of the landscapes that surround us, the ever increasing loss of plant diversity and the importance of ethical and respectful wildcrafting; acknowledging the first peoples of this continent and their unobstructed right to access their traditional plant medicines.

Along with exploring and harvesting from the natural landscape, I also grow and support farmers of medicinal plants in the Northern Vermont region; a diverse and abundant land for cultivating medicine.

If we don’t set humanity apart from nature, suddenly those “why” questions behind the gifts offered by medicinal plants seem answered.
— The Hebalist's Path

The plants are our allies and to use them as medicine we must build a strong and heartfelt relationship. I encourage research, communication and meditation with the plants, for they have many a wise insight to share. Sometimes the most powerful medicines can be the most simple. These remedies are created with simplicity in mind and seek to deepen the connection we may achieve within the realm of the plant world and beyond. Many can help with acute issues, even more can help more long term (tonic) and spiritual matters of the mind & body.

I am by no means a practicing or licensed medical professional. These remedies are merely intended to support the body through it's processes. That said, plants are powerful and can have adverse effects for some folks...please ask if you have any questions/concerns.

The Good Witch Apothecary also offers tools to make self-care more accessible and informed though publications & resources, creative provisions to help nourish and fortify your path in health and some vintage goods here & there for some ol' enjoyment of nifty novel items.